Hawk and Dove are a Brooklyn-based band centered around Elijah Miller (vocals and guitar) and John Kleber (guitar) with Joan Chew (bass). They’re getting ready for the release of their new album Our Childhood Heroes, which comes out on January 18, 2019. Today we have the premiere for the gorgeous (but NSFW) video for the latest single and opening track from the new album “Taxidermy Eden.”

The video features a nude Adam and Eve seated in a high-rise loft as Hawk and Dove narrate a conversation with the two original humans. “About half of the album, Our Childhood Heroes, explores a generational search for greater luxury and ease at the direct expense of other people’s lives,” said Miller. “The song ‘Taxidermy Eden’ is part of this group and is a conversation with Adam and Eve – about how they might feel if they were still alive.”

As the song progresses, more and more visitors bring the naked pair opulent gifts and treasures, placed at the feet of their throne-like chairs. “They are in their apartment in New York City and are resigned to the current situation on the planet. Resigned to what their descendants have become – resigned to what their descendants desire. The song wonders what it would be like to be Adam and Eve watching this world happen. There was all this luxuriating in the garden of Eden — pre-apple-eating, of course — and in this metaphor, we luxuriate in a lot of these ways still – and we wish we were still ignorant. So we work very hard at not seeing the knowledge, the violence, that exists.”